Program Database

Included below is a comprehensive list of Financial Engineering programs in the USA. For the list of Financial Engineering program in Canada click here. For the list of Financial Engineering program in the United Kingdom click here.

Baruch CollegeFinancial Engineering
Boston UniversityMathematical Finance
Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputational Finance
Claremont Graduate UniversityFinancial Engineering
Columbia UniversityFinancial Engineering
Cornell UniversityFinancial Engineering
DePaul UniversityComputational Finance
Florida State UniversityFinancial Mathematics
Fordham UniversityQuantitative Finance
Georgia Institute of TechnologyQuantitative & Computational Finance
Illinois Institute of TechnologyMathematical Finance
John HopkinsFinancial Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFinance
New York UniversityFinancial Mathematics
North Carolina State UniversityFinancial Mathematics
Oklahoma State UniversityQuantitative Financial Economics
Polytechnic Institute of New York UniversityFinancial Engineering
Princeton UniversityFinance
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteFinancial Engineering
Rutgers UniversityMathematical Finance
Stanford UniversityFinancial Mathematics
Stevens Institute of TechnologyFinancial Engineering
Stony Brook UniversityQuantitative Finance
Texas A&M UniversityFinancial Mathematics
University of California - BerkeleyFinancial Engineering
University of California - Los AngelesFinancial Engineering
University of ChicagoFinancial Mathematics
University of DaytonFinancial Mathematics
University of HawaiiFinancial Engineering
University of IllinoisFinancial Engineering
University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesFinancial Mathematics
University of North Carolina - CharlotteMathematical Finance
University of Southern CaliforniaFinancial Engineering
University of WashingtonQuantitative Finance

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