Program Database – United Kingdom

Included below is a comprehensive list of Financial Engineering programs in the United Kingdom.

No. University Program
1 Birbeck University  Financial Engineering
2 Cambridge University  Financial Engineering
3 City University – Cass School  Financial Mathematics
4 Dublin City University  Financial & Industrial Mathematics
5 Herriot Watt University  Financial Mathematics
6 Imperial College  Mathematics & Finance
7 King’s College London  Financial Mathematics
8 Leeds University  Financial Mathematics
9  Leicester University  Financial Mathematics & Computation
10  London School of Economics  Financial Mathematics
11 Manchester University  Quantitative Finance
12  Oxford University  Financial Economics
13  University of Birmingham  Mathematical Finance
14  University College Dublin  Quantitative Finance
15  University College London  Financial Mathematics
16  ICMA Centre – University of Reading  Financial Engineering
17  University of Edinburgh  Financial Engineering
18  University of Essex  Computational Finance
19  University of Exeter  Financial Mathematics
20  University of Westminister  Investment & Risk Finance
21  University of York  Mathematical Finance
22  Warwick University  Financial Mathematics


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